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Deep Nutrition

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We are what we eat.....and breathe, and think. Learn how to be fresh, healthy, whole & wild by attending one of our classes about foraging wild foods & herbs, preparation, preservation, raw foods and elements of deep nutrition. See our Upcoming Classes and Events for more information or to register. 

Raw Foods and Fermented Foods

Raw and Fermented Foods

Raw & Wild Juicing

Raw & Wild Juicing

pecan and goji tart

Pecan & Goji Tart

Raw Desserts

Various Raw Dessert Delights

raw blueberry tart

Raw Blueberry Cheesecake

raw orange tart

Raw Mango Pie

Wild Mushroom Harvest

Wild Mushroom Harvest

cutting wood ear mushroom

Wild Wood Ear Mushrooms

Wild Mushroom Harvest 2

More Wild Mushrooms

Raw Foods Class

Raw food Class

wild greens and flowers harvest

Wild Greens and Flowers Salad

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