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Who We Are

Zia Energetics Permaculture is a family business based on sharing the sovereignty, health, and collective resilience available to all people through reconnecting to a nature-based-lifestyle. Over the last 20 years Jesse and Johanna Boudreau have been exploring the arts of Permaculture and herbalism in the historic agricultural valley of Chimayo, NM where we have been creating right livelihood for ourselves as homesteaders, foragers, market growers, mushroom cultivators, beekeepers, cob builders, and herbalists.


We design and create native organic food forests, native pollinator gardens, and edible landscapes utilizing rainwater harvesting for private individuals throughout the area of Northern NM. We also create high quality herbal tinctures, teas, and salves made from the mindfully wildcrafted herbs from the mountains and deserts of northern New Mexico. Our most dear heart purpose in this work is in sharing our experience with our local and digital community in the form of permaculture classes, foraging walks, and home herbalism and fermentation workshops.

Our work centers around the universal animating elements of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. By observing nature and the elements we can gain a greater understanding of site assessment, health assessment, and the medicinal aspects of plants.

As individuals, we have always had a deep love, and connection with nature. Johanna began learning as a child to forage wild medicines and plant dyes for weaving and painting with her parents and grandparents. Jesse began foraging for mushrooms at a young age with his stepfather on backpack outings. These and many other early experiences started our path as foragers and healers. Since those early days our passion has grown, blossomed, and flourished.


In 2005 Jesse completed an intensive 6 month permaculture program with Scott Pittman and earned his permaculture certification and earth based vocations certificate. He also was mentored by Joel Glanzberg of Pattern Mind and Donna Bonner, creator of the soil amendment “Yum Yum Mix”. He then started his own permaculture business that has been operating, in different forms since that time.

Johanna has birthed her 3 children at home and has been the light that guides the family in health practice. Our children have been treated with herbs, homeopathic medicine, and nutrition their entire lives and their health shows it! She has been a doula for her sisters and consults with the whole family! (She loves Kids!)Throughout the years she was also involved in gardening and permaculture with Jesse. In 2017 she completed her Permaculture Design Certification (while facilitating the course) and has been consulting, installing and maintaining permaculture gardens since 2011 when our mission at Zia Energetics crystalized.

At a certain point in our path we began to experience various forms of poor health that we later found were largely caused by dietary choices. Through exploration of living foods and various nutritional perspectives, we grew into ever greater health. We discovered that we all have unique needs and "one size fits all" dietary fads are not the solution to good health. For years now we have been studying the concepts of Ayurveda, Alchemy, Medical Astrology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Herbalism and employing them to heal ourselves and extend that knowledge to our community.


Recently we undertook study with Sajah Popham at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism where we gained a greater understanding of how to meet our individual needs through the help of foods and herbs.

In times of economic, environmental and social uncertainty, Jesse and Johanna hope to impart their skills to those who seek a way to transition with greater ease to a more healthful, integrated, holistic paradigm and lifestyle. Through garden design and consultation, herbal products, superfoods, and educational workshops we truly want to empower you to facilitate your growth to a happier, healthier you!

Many Blessings,

Jesse and Johanna Boudreau

Zia Energetics Permaculture

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